Easy Ways To Stimulate The Clitoris Properly And Effectively

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 Easy Ways To Stimulate The Clitoris Properly And Effectively


When it comes to female orgasm, a lot of guys are unsure if there is a ‘magic button’ where they could press to excite, thrill and completely satisfy a woman? Well, there is. I am referring, of course, to the clitoris – the only organ in the female body wild rose vibrator  devoted entirely for sexual pleasure. This is an area that you have to be well acquainted with if you want to drive her wild and give her the best orgasm.


If a woman becomes sexually aroused, the clitoris becomes filled with blood, swell in size and its sensitivity increases. After orgasm, the clitoris will return to its normal size as the accumulated blood disperses. If she is not able to achieve an orgasm, blood may remain in the clitoral area and cause discomfort.

The clitoris is a small, round bud of pink flesh located above the vaginal opening. It is covered by a soft fold of tissue called the clitoral hood to protect it from being overly stimulated. Most of what we can see of the clitoris is only the tip. But it is actually a complex network of nerves that stretch throughout the vagina and up to the nipples.

During arousal, the clitoris becomes enlarged and the hood may retract to reveal the tip. You can use your fingers to gently pull back the hood and stimulate the clitoris directly. But this direct stimulation can be too intense for most women. Instead, they prefer stimulation through the sides or top of the clitoral hood.

Some women may prefer a light touch on the clitoris while others may enjoy vigorous stimulation. To play safe, you should start with a light touch, and then you adjust your touch depending on her reaction. Almost all women need some warming-up period or foreplay before they can enjoy clitoral stimulation.

Always make sure the clitoris is properly lubricated before you touch it. This can be a turn-off to some women and downright painful for others. You can either use her natural lubrication, saliva, or a water-based lubricant.


Oral stimulation

This is one of the best ways to stimulate the clitoris because nearly every woman loves to receive oral sex. You use your best foreplay techniques to turn her on as much as you can. When she starts moaning, you can go down and lick her unexposed clitoris until it becomes fully erected. If she likes intense stimulation, you can gently pull back her clitoral hood to lick directly on the clitoris. You continue doing this, changing the direction of your licking from side-to-side to up-and-down until she reaches orgasm.

Rubbing her clitoris

You can position behind her and use your palm to cup her entire vulva area. Then you can use your fingers to gently rub her clitoris and the area along the vaginal entrance applying side-to-side or diagonal strokes. To give her double pleasure, you can insert 2 fingers into her vagina to stimulate her g-spot while using your free thumb to massage her clitoris by drawing circles on it.

Using sex toys



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