Cloistered Poetry In the Abyss of Dreams ((The Old Tramp) (Poetic Prose))

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He, the old vagrant, had viewed as a lost mainland.
He imagined another world.
Also, he had ventured into it, – so lengthy now had he floated this way and that from it, he had failed to remember who he had been.
However, he murmured frequently to whom could have been tuning in “Such a large number of individuals around, excessively impassive, narcissistic.”

Thus I compose of this elderly person, brief for what it’s worth, a drifter I met, and I will fill in the holes of his life, which was a larger number of his fantasy land than, what we think about the real world.

For the old vagrant, his fantasy became reality for him.
The more he imagined, the more it took on a maddened authenticity.
Beyond this fantasy land, the world to him was grotesqueness, and foul.
“Where truth, was individuals maintained that it should be at some random time, and never uncovered completely,” so he’d murmur.
“Also, misrepresentation was revered, similar to Baal,” so he mumbled.

Subsequently, in this undefined kind of dream life he found another world that he could live in, constantly.
Disassociated with natural presence, its battle for endurance, continuation, while his other world turned out to be all the more genuine, more profound, and more significant.

At the point when he was conscious, what he ate was generally, what he found which was only sometimes, during those last benevolent failed to remember days: that being: trash tossed from opened windows of apartment complexes of the city!

His psyche was molded by considerations and dreams.
His conscious life, was an existence of pictures in the mind, he favored the internal dreaming.
Maybe something was tying him.

In his other world there were captivated slopes, cultivates that developed blossoms that looked as red and sparkling, as the sun, blinding sapphires, mountains that sang to the moon, murmuring oceans, bronze and gold roofed cabins
What’s more, him, rode a covering white pony, across carven scaffolds, white ways, watching the birds, honey bees and butterflies swarm the fields around him, in a serene way.
All through the cedar backwoods, he jumped with his pony past the ivory doors of bringing bungalows, and municipalities with tall steeple domed pinnacles.

Continuously making an effort not to awaken, or on the other hand if to, to drink more wine or his decision of medication anything that he might find-to supply his propensity to fall once more into REM rest, and more profound into the cannabis world, for another expressive episode, one he was brought into the world for, and to escape other one that he was tossed into.
One he liked to exist in was not the one he was naturally introduced to.

Would it be a good idea for him he have been stirred, all he saw was an

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aurora of a destroyed deteriorated city, a reedy sloppy trash filled and verminous stream!
Individuals gazing out their windows at him, chocking on carbon dioxide of the passing vehicles, trucks.
As well, he realized he’d become exhausted quick of the roughness of individuals’ feelings, and similarity, and they’d never figure out his importance of life.
And afterward once as a general rule, full reality, perfect and sober, where might come the fulfillment or satisfaction?
That which he had left in yesteryear, way back in his courageous lala land.
Was this not in itself the antitoxin?
Old famous regulations, unbendable fixes, most fixes were tangled reasoning.
He needed to get away, or find its equivalent, similar to Gilgamesh who searched out Enkidu, in view of fatigue.
Nobody got some margin to figure out the mystery pits in his day to day existence, those that portrayed him, he had a space for each, hung in suctioned colors.

And afterward one day, out of nowhere, a break came, a gap showed up, a gap opened up-like a tremor, in the profound hollows of his fantasies!
He tumbled down, down, way down into its void.
Furthermore, there was his greatest accomplishment, he tracked down it, the Radiant City of Crystals and Pearls-“This,” he murmured, “is where I’ll remain and reside, it’s where I should be!”

This mystical world so distinctive, once in pieces now all together, relationship of his brain fell into one vista, a short of breath hope, one that was voracious.

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